This blog is in honour of my favourite travel partner, my Dad.




I recently lost my Dad to Cancer and I have been heart broken.  Not only was he my Dad, he was my best friend.  The only thing that helps me heal is travel.  So, I took off travelling, which is also why I have been absent for so long.  There are plenty of blogs to come, I promise. So this blog is dedicated to him.



My Dad was my hero and the person who introduced me to travel.  He took me to Europe when I was 21.  My Dad was born in Croatia and his family still lives there, so I was pleased to meet them. We had a ball together.  We road tripped around most of Europe.  We got lost and slept in the car at a truck stop somewhere in France.  We laughed a lot. 



Dad and I had so many conversations, we bonded, our relationship merged from Father and Daughter to the best of friends who love to travel together.



Then in 2007 we again travelled Europe together, this time my brother joined us. We explored Croatia’s coastline and Budapest all together. 




My brother is married to a beautiful woman from the Philippines.  Their wedding was in the Philippines.  My Mum, Dad and I all went over for the wedding.  We also added a bit of travelling to some of the amazing islands.  I’m so glad that we did this trip all together.



My last trip with my Dad was to Europe in 2015 for my Dad’s sisters 60th birthday party, this time we also did a Trafalgar tour of Italy.  It was a very special trip.  This time it was just Dad and I.  Dad was already not well and some days he was struggling, but he pushed through, family and travel were two very important things to my Dad.  He was determined to enjoy himself.  We had an absolute ball together.  Thinking that I will never be able to travel with my Dad again brings instant tears to my eyes and hurts so deeply.  


    In Dad’s last days I promised him that I would continue travelling the world in his honour and I know that he will be with me every step I take.  He smiled at me and nodded.  I have a tattoo on my foot that Dad and I created together, it’s in Dads handwriting.  He is actually now with me every step I take and I know he is experiencing my travels in a different way. He is now my guardian angel.


Photo to the left was taken on the Amazon river, Ecuador, 2018






I love you



Love life and adventure on,